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TV Adverts (Music For Screen)

Lesson 1 aims: to choose appropriate styles of music that suit the visual footage of the advert.

To also consider how music (instrumental) could convey a message.

Watch these TV adverts and choose music that you think would suit each advert.

Greatest adverts with the original music...

Lesson 2: Cue Sheets

1) Choose one of the commercials that you would like to add music and sounds to. 

2) You'll then be writing notes on the advert in a new Logic file.

2) Watch the below video on getting started for this project...

Lesson 3: Exploring Musical Ideas

- Carefully select music to take inspiration from. 

  Ask yourself why you've chosen that particular music? Why do you think it fits?

- Explore the sounds and instruments you think will fit the visuals you're working with.

- Explore scales and tonality to begin composing motifs and rhythms.


Lesson 4: SFX

- Using your cue sheet in Logic, explore extra sounds you should add to your project.

Lesson 5: Refine, Upload and Evaluate

- Exceptional: Create your own SFX and music that are synched perfectly in time with the moving images. The SFX are effective and professional and the music is an appropriate style and original.

- Very good: Use pre-recorded SFX, loops and music. They are carefully chosen and accurately placed in synch with the moving images. The advert and sounds are professional.


- How to export your Logic project into a movie file.

- How to upload your project to Google Drive.

- How to add a comment to other people's videos.

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