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IN C by Terry Riley. A minimalist style piece with aleatoric features. Each cell becomes an ostinato pattern when repeated.

All students will be able to...

Perform four cells from Riley’s In C in time with a small group, with the aim to performing in time with the whole class.


Play with a good instrumental technique.

Learn to play the cells from ear, independently.

Most students will be able to...
Perform several cells from In C in time with the class. Maintain a steady pulse and move onto cells appropriately.

Some students will be able to...
Perform more than ten cells, with the ability to sight-read some cells and perform them in time with the class with a leading role.



1. It is very important that performers listen very carefully to one another and this means occasionally to drop out and listen. 


2. You should stay within two or three patterns of one another. Nobody should rush ahead through the patterns and nobody should lag behind.


3. Make sure you listen to the pulse - this is vitally important.

Try to listen to a particular player. The first opening piano player for example.

Can you describe what the first piano player is playing?

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